MotionCam Pro Motion Sensor Camera Blk. By Armit Company

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MotionCam Pro MFG# PMAX-C BK battery powered cellular wireless motion activated the camera. Uses 2 AA batteries has an internal SIM card. Get instant Photo-Alerts to your smartphone. Perfect to take with you wherever you go. Protect what matters most.


  • Stand-Alone-Sensor -- No Power plugs no WiFi phone line host computer or gateway/hub required to operate
  • Set-Up In Minutes from any browser and The ArmIt device will "self-install" when you are directed to power the device on.
  • Receive Text eMail and Push notifications when an event occurs.
  • Install "anywhere" in reach of the cellular GSM network.
  • SIM Intelligent SIM card. A smart SIM that can connect to any GSM network in your region and fail-over to an alternate carrier in the event of a network outage.
  • Includes keyfob remote


30 Day Warranty