Memory Foam Heated Slippers With Rechargeable Batteries By Stay Warm Apparel

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KEEPS FEET WARM AND HAPPY Enjoy the cozy winter with an extra warmth using our Heated Memory Foam Slippers. Plug in the battery and feel your feet warm up and get your whole body cozy. Add a feel of luxury to your feet. With warm feet your whole body will feel warm. RECHARGEABLE WARMTH These heated slippers for men and women are equipped with rechargeable batteries. The insulated slippers keeps your feet toasty for 3-4 straight hours on low heat! MEMORY FOAM In addition to the amazing heating and warmth your feet will feel comfortable and relaxed in our luxury memory foam soles. Memory foam contours to your foot design for maximum comfort. GREAT FOR THE ELDERLY - OR AS A GIFT FOR ANYONE! Heated Memory Foam Slippers are a great gift idea for any occasion and it is great for the elderly to stay warm. Get it for your loved one your teenager and enjoy every location like you are warming up at your fireplace. It's like having a fireplace wherever you are.



30 Day Warranty