4 Section Taffy Tray - Special

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Assorted Treats - Salt Water Taffy - RED WHITE BLUE Delicious Candy Looking for the perfect snack for someone special in your life? Want to make a birthday unforgettable? Then look no further than this premium Holiday Candy tray that each feature multiple types of your favorite candies in one deliciously-convenient. A fun way to celebrate special moments surprise good friends or show someone how much you love them these assorted candy treats are perfect for every occasion.


Tasty Candy

Perfect for celebrating love and romance this cute candy tray features 6 different candies in everyone to give your partner something special.

Assorted Snack Options

Great for people who love hard candy taffy and chewy bites our snack cups have treats that everyone can enjoy together.

Perfect Holiday Gift

Super cute for kids and adults you can give these premium candy snack cups to spouses boyfriends girlfriends or someone you care about.

Fresh Made-to-Order Treats

All of our snack assortments contain only high-quality candies that are tasty completely safe and satisfy your every craving.

Four-Section Tray Design

Each resealable tray feature four individual compartments holding different types of candy for a fun snacking experience.


30 Day Warranty